rant on the sonic fanbase

ok so i have been noticing that the sonic fanbase is a broken, split and retarted fanbase. i will talk about recolors first. i don’t hate all recolors nor do i hate the fact that they are like stealing artwork. i judge them on backstory. many recolors are given a backstory involving god like creatures, labratories, space or being stronger than sonic. there i summed up the average recolors backstories. on my youtube channel you will see links to channels that are/were recolors but they have great backstories so i like them. next i shall talk about sonic fags. these people are sonic fans who think sonic is the best, nothing will top him or sonic is the only good game series. you people need to shut up and learn facts, sonic ain’t perfect and there are other good games. classic sonic fanboys who can’t accept change and fans who consider the two designs of sonic to be like two different timelines or different forms of one person are different. i am a part of the second group and we know what the series needs. the first group doesn’t need a ramble because its been said and done thousands of times. i’m going to end this here so, bye

By tepig

why the old sonic games were awesome

well i am only 13 but i did play these gmes at a young age. when i was 7 i got mega collection at walmart and i loved playing it especially sonic 3. now many cool things about these games was the level design. my friends had the classic mario and megaman games on the virtual console and i noticed how sonic wasn’t the same. first of all the levels have less blocky platforming and more slopes and loops and all that shit. it felt more smooth and less restricted than what my friends played. it felt good to achieve high speeds in the levels too which wasn’t in other games. the levels were also more open with many goodies to find by exploring the hills and towers of levels like green hill and marble garden.
the universe of sonic was very interesting compared to other games. in this world, animals have huma like bodies and human qualities. however humans are also here such as dr. robotnik. in addition to this the land of mobius is very odd (we all remember how there was a random carnival on angel island) and i liked this.
so overall these games, sonic 1, sonic 2, sonic cd, sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles are very good games with lots of extras and multiplayer to play with your friends and family and sega should look at these for new ideas in todys game along with 3 games i would like to mention…

By tepig

sonic generations so far…

i made this video to discuss sonic generations

the story so far…

it syarted when this trailer was released. we had no info just 2 sonics… but then

this here showed us sonic generations in its true glory. we got gameplay and the first level. sega also annouced the concepts for the game.

so here people were guessing what levels would be in the game…

e3 showed us 2 levels both of which pleased me. people were even saying “it looks better than super mario 3d land”.

the demo was released on sonics birthday but it got hacked and a level list was leaked. i was impressed but it was not met with good reception because many levels were similar
green hill
chemical plant
sky sactuary
speed highway
city escape
seaside hill
crisis city
rooftop run
planet wisp

this is where we are now with the levels that look top notch. it appears that the level design is nowhere near similar and all the hate has past. hey sega, shut up and take my money

By tepig